Sunday, March 19, 2017

Not there yet, but I can get there.

Pushing everything back a month!  I've still been having trouble getting refocused, but I am optimistic that I am there now.  Just got back from Bike Week, nothing planned for a bit.  Plan food, plan exercise, stick to plan!!
2/1  165 ish
4/1 155
5/1 149  Tink!
6/1 144  Covered Bridges half!
7/1 139  Boilermaker!
8/1 135
9/1 129
10/1 125
11/1 119
12/1 115

1/1/18  Perhaps a 2nd Disney marathon?  Photo ready?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I've been on a terrible roller coaster for eons here.
I want to get off and I have more than enough time to make a huge difference before I see my sons again this summer. 

Game on.

2/1  165 ish
3/1 155
4/1 149
5/1 144
6/1 139
7/1 135
8/1 129
9/1 125
10/1 119
11/1 115
12/1 112
1/1/18  Perhaps a 2nd Disney marathon?


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

If only.

If I'd kept with the detox, I would be at goal.  But, I did not and I am not.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Arbonne Detox

Soooo, I was completely headed the wrong way.  Up to 165.6 and it was time to reboot in a big way.  Fortunately, my cousins just did the Arbonne  Detox and had such great results they decided to become consultants, so I was invited to the launch party.  To be honest, I usually would skip it, but, I knew they'd come for me, so....there I was.

I started last Monday and while I want to wait til the end of the month to announce my results, it's safe to say, so far, I have stuck with the plan and I am happy with the first week.  It's also forced me to look in my spice cupboard to make dinner without cheese, butter, cream, flour and all other fun stuff. 

So, we shall see!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Just copied this from last year.  Shame on me.

6/1 161 WTF I am still here!  I was here in March, move it woman!  This will be the last week I ever have a weight in the 160's, I am getting the f**k out of here and I will not be looking back.  I am going to get the IPhone 6 with a bigger memory so I have a place to store my running stuff.  First few fall off because they are water.  I was at 157 last week, lets see if I can reach it for my Birthday, one week from today.
7/1 155  Bondi band for the Boilermaker 15k!
8/1 150  Maybe something related to my motorcycle, not sure?  Harley tees are expensive!
9/1 145  My first half!!   Pedicure after that
10/1 140  A beautiful belt at the Indian store when I go visit my boy this month.  Something turquoise probably11/1 135  Smaller Harley coat, another half and a 15k this month!
12/1 130  Momma needs clothes for Disney!
1/1/16 125    DISNEY MARATHON BABY!  Pictures will NOT make me sad!!  I am also getting a charm for my bracelet after this race!!

So anyway, here I go again. Still in the 160's, damn it.  Going with the Keto calculator for goals.
I think this time, for the most part, I'll fill in the reward after I get there!
7/1 158
8/1 154 (was at 165.4)
9/1 149
10/1 146
11/1 142
12/1 139
1/1/17  135  clothes for my Disney marathon! 1/8/17 for the marathon!
2/1  132
3/1 129
4/1 126
5/1 123 (Tinkerbell is May 14!!)  122?  Going to Kris' house, want to look good when I meet my dear friend!
6/1 121
7/1 119 back in the teens!

Pushing forward!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Do you ever wonder why?  Why do I put myself thru this?  Why do I even care?  I've been having one of those weekends.  There are 2 ways for it to go. Put up or shut up.  I'm going with put up.

 My weight is inching down again. Funny how that works when i stay on plan! Kind of sad that I can't stay on track when I know what works.  Also kind of sad that I've spent more then half my life overweight and out of shape.  It does make me wonder if its even worth trying now, but I have to get that out of my head.

Victory over the muffin top will be mine!  Gotta keep moving forward.  Feeling every bit of 50 this morning, but want to be sure I get fit to live as long and well as I can!

 Who else is looking to get healthier?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Definitely a work in progress.

Yup, that's exactly what I am thinking, I am a work in progress.  I've been on and off and back and forth and really not all that focused for a while.  I'm there again now.  Focused.  Driven toward a goal.

The goal...I'll be 50 in June.  Don't intend to be 50 and flabby. 

I've got a drawer full of jeans I want to wear and I''m sure we will go away for a couple of beach weeks next summer.  I want to wear a bikini.  Selfish?  Maybe, but whatever.  It's what is motivating me. 

I actually did my keto calculator today. Staying on plan should put me in the 130's by June 1.  I'm willing to give it my all to get myself back into something resembling healthy.  I've not seen the 130's since I got pregnant for my youngest.  26 years ago.  That's a goal I can work for.  To be in better shape at 50 than I was at 24 or at any time since then.

Been looking around Pinterest for some healthy low carb dinner ideas.  I need to keep it interesting and I also need  to have some ideas for the week ahead of time.  Otherwise, I get home late and I'm tired and already hungry and I end up eating something that is quick and does not work for my goals.  I have to be ready and have a plan.

I ran today.  About 30 minutes in keeping with my GIPIS plan.  it was 9, yes 9, degrees.  I did it anyway.  Frozen lungs, frozen snot.  LOL, not pretty, but I did it!  Disney Marathon next January.  Absolutely.  I got this.